Diving literature exchange

Divingliterature.com is a non-profit organization.

Our goal is to direct scientists and the public to written materials on diving.

We fully respect international rules on author's copyright.

We do not sell books or articles protected by copyright.

We aim to exchange copies of diving articles with diving scientists and other diving science enthousiasts, without the exchange of money.

If you can not obtain a copy of an article, manuscript, or diving book through your own library system please contact us with the form below.

We can provide pfd copies of articles in our collection strictly for personal study, not for further distribution or further sale.

Divingliterature.com will charge a small fee for administration and handling of your request and for maintaining the diving library collection.



I declare that I will use the pdf documents that I receive from divingliterature.com for individual study only, not for commercial use.  
I understand that divingliterature.com will let me know how much the fee for administration and handling for my order is. I will receive my order after the payment has been received.   
Additional questions:

payment can be made from your bank to our bank:

IBAN: NL65INGB0003263579 name W.O. Zimmermann, city Amersfoort, Netherlands

Or via paypal: wesselzimmermann@hotmail.com
After we receive your payment your will receive your order ASAP.